Seismic Movement Simulator on VR


Desarrollamos una simulación en Realidad Virtual para la Fiesta Nacional Del Sol , visitanos en el Stand del Ministerio de Gobierno de la Provincia de San Juan para ayudar a generar conciencia sobre los sismos y medidas de seguridad a tener en cuenta. Gracias IKKI por confiar en nosotros. #ElSimuladorDeSismos #MadeInSanJuan

Posted by Opentags on jueves, 23 de febrero de 2017

The team of Opentags was present in the 2017 edition of the National Sun Festival: celebration in honor of the most important sun in Argentina and the world that takes place annually in the city of San Juan.
During the 5 days of the party, a virtual reality experience was presented that simulates the moment when a seismic movement occurs. The objective of this development is to help raise awareness about the security measures to be adopted at the time of an earthquake.

Through the stand passed more than 5 thousand people, we had excellent feedback and very good ideas to continue improving our products.

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